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High Performance Coaching is a principle driven process designed to meet you where you are currently mentally and physically and take you to the next level.

Whether you are an Strength coach, Professional athlete or someone who operates at a high level 1-1 coaching is developed to integrate into you environment and help you start thriving.

Go from just exercising to performing and progressing

Having emotional eating habits to structured Human First Performance nutrition plan

Chaotic and unstructured lifestyle to high impact lifestyle management system in place

The Stay Strong Collective is the gate way to you unlocking your potential and KEEPING the results you attain whilst bing coached and educated with us.



1-1 Bespoke coaching designed with the outcome in mind.

  • Personalised performance driven nutrition intervention 

  • High Impact lifestyle assessment and action plan

  • Full access to the Stay Strong Academy and education platform

  • Personal coaching space for you journey

  • Weekly check in 

  • Monthly Game plan call 

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World Championship Ironman Competitor 

Before the Stay Strong Collective, I lacked sustainability and routine in both my lifestyle and training approach whilst letting business run over them all.

The biggest learning curve working with the Stay Strong Collective was developing strength in my body and mindset. Attacking each day or race as they come and leaving nothing on the table but with the gas to back it up. For me joining Will and the StayStrong Collective was not just for the Ironman but for creating a mindset to move forward.

Working with Will it becomes an infectious state of mind to be accountable for yourself and what surrounds you. In terms of training the correlation between both Strength & Conditioning and competing at the world champs in Utah went hand in hand and without it the result would have been different. 



Before working with Will I struggled to find the consistency to train and understand what I needed to schedule to be able to work a job as well as play professional rugby.


Having the Stay Strong Collective look after me allows someone else to look after my needs and dive into the detail when I don’t have time. Being able to show up and throw intent at the work I believe brings great results. Self-investment to achieve something is key it’s one of the best things I’ve done.


Alongside the training I have gained a growth of knowledge around nutrition 

and supplements and now have a better desire to work. 

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I would 100% recommend working with will. It’s the perfect investment in yourself! This isn’t some insta quick fix bull, this is something for longevity, To build into your lifestyle, To create meaningful and long term changes to your health and well being. 

The amount of knowledge Will has, combined with his passion to help you achieve your potential is incredible. 

He has given my training direction and gives me options about where each training block will focus or what direction to aim for. 

I improved strength and fitness over the 12 weeks - added 10kg on deadlift, 15kg on back squat and 5kg on bench press. I also got a much better understanding of nutrition. I doubled calorie intake and increased protein intake x3-4 whilst losing body fat and reduced measurements.

The programme is accessible for all and if you’re willing to put in the mileage and invest in yourself, you will not regret it.



I have worked with Will for many years, starting with personal training in Singapore and then I continued to work with him online when he left for the UK. Rugby has always been a massive part of my life, but post covid my biggest challenge was the lack of one. I’ve always enjoyed the mental challenge, digging deep, hanging on for grim death, grit and smash it out. That is when I found a powerlifting competition.

The hardest thing was keeping emotions at bay especially closer we got to the competition. As well as all the physical training, sustainable weight cutting and nutrition education, Will was the the calmness to my volatility, working from a distance to keep me on track, set weekly goals and bringing a team together to get me over the line. 

He was always there to answer the most inane questions and provide guidance (a lot about water cutting) and provide belief that I could do this and I could smash it. 

If you looking for routine, solid parameters and common sense to get fit, strong, active, for whatever reason regardless of current state then a properly prepared individual programme, working in bite sized chunks just makes it so much easier to get into it.

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ONE Championship fighter - Previous Atom Weight World Champion

"I came to train with you because I want to be the best, and the best have to train with the best. Top 3 of What I learnt:

- I learnt how to train hard and smart for better performance. sometimes less is more.

- I learnt that I am actually stronger than I thought . Because sometimes you show me workouts that at first, I think I am not able to do until you show me the right technique and also gave me the motivation.

- I learned that when you do things with passion, you will always succeed.  Everytime when I came to train with you, I could see you are always so passionate and had patience with me. I can see you are committed with passion to help me and not just because you are doing your job. I know because I myself am a professor and I am there as a student, I can see the passion in your work.

This was crucial for me winning my fight thank you!"


Before starting with will I didn’t know where to start with my training and conditioning. I always turned to running for my endurance training even though it gave me shin splints and didn’t know what exercises to do in the gym for what I needed to achieve. 

After training with will for a while I saw both tangible and intangible results. I saw a physical difference in my body including more muscle mass, and I also noticed more mental resilience (especially with the sleds haha) 

I feel more organised with my training schedule, I know and understand why is need to rest and recover on some days instead of going ‘all in’ all of the time. I found my programme super tailored to my individual needs for MY specific personal goals.


I decided that this was the year to address my health, but other than reducing my eating and increasing my general exercise I didn’t know what to do and had no structure or plans.

Through training with Will I got formalised structure and control whilst having a sounding board to check-in with, This helped me to continue improving fitness in a sustainable way. 

I consciously improved my dietary habits while being more aware of what my body needs.

Improved overall health, strength, fitness and confidence that I can perform athletically when I need to. 


My advice would be to go in fully committed, take it all on and hit the ground running. All in or it won't have the impact it deserves to have.

Let's do this thing going forward. Finding the right balance for life, whilst improving fitness and strength looking to increase general body health/flexibility/reliability - no injuries!

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I set myself the challenge of completing the Manchester half marathon with only 6 weeks to train for it. I have completed half marathons before but never had a coach to help me with my training and nutrition, and I managed to knock 10 minutes and 31 seconds off my previous personal best. This is the first time I have ran a half marathon on my own (without friends pacing me) and ran the full distance without stopping or walking at any point. I still finished feeling strong and felt like I could have carried on for another few miles. I also got a huge course personal bet, beating my last time by 17 minutes and 43 seconds. 

The biggest change to my normal training was probably the gym sessions, which were catered to the purpose of my needs. The sessions often consisted of exercises that weren’t necessarily my favourite but it was explained why I needed to do them to help my running. The training sessions also changed my mindset as before I just believed that endless running was what I needed to get faster, rather than specific training to build a stronger and more effective engine. 

Will massively invests in your journey, the process is clear and well formulated and. If you ever have any questions he is always there to support and guide you. 


After spraining my back I struggled to get back to the consistency and motivation I had previously to return to training. being a personal trainer myself, I tried to do my own programming but found it hard to stick to. I wanted to become accountable to a coach and invest in my training. 

I got stronger than I was pre-injury when training with will and my programme adherence and motivation in the gym has improved. 

I also found that feeling physical improvement and contentment paid back towards improving personal and professional relationships.

1000% everyone needs a little something different to help them achieve their goals, from incentives to validation to just having someone check in you now and then. I really appreciate the amount of communication you have: effective, sufficient and authentic.

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After working with Will for quite some time, I have found the professionalism and the way he interacts with me very powerful. He does what he says he is going to do and I’m regularly in contact which is really helpful. 

Will is very encouraging and I’m not embarrassed to ask any sort of question, As a  novice if found there were al ot of the fitness and nutrition terms i hadn’t come across before so he was always there to help explain. 

I now have a very clear idea of where I want to go which has been facilitated by Will giving me a sense of confidence and telling me it will come with time and hard work. 

Since working with Will, my blood pressure has dropped from 150/90 to 120/75 and by testosterone levels have increased from 4 to 15 purely from lifestyle change and nutrition intervention. 

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