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Consulting is where we take a deep dive into your current operations and systems, to level up your current performance.

This includes:

✅ Discovering your personal mission and how to leverage it.

✅ Developing clarity of actions needed to lead and systemise your current performance

✅ Building confidence in your ability to show up and deliver 

✅ Develop authority in your work place or chosen field 

✅ Be held accountable to become what you said you would


  • 1-1 Mentoring calls Bi Weekly

  • Unlimited access to the Stay Strong Academy 

  • Be part of a unique community of like minded individuals who are there to push you 

  • Access to me personally 

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 have worked with will for many years now, for both personal training and mindset coaching/mentoring.

Work wise, my leadership style is better and I’m more self aware and honest. I am confident in my capabilities and identifying what I need to be better at to perform in my different roles. 

Success is a funny one- it’s usually measured by external physical appearance but it’s more than that. The success is I’m working to be better, always. The reality is you need a support network, our partners cannot do it all. We need to lean from others and that is okay. Will is one of the key members of my support network and he in turn led me to other people who fill different roles at different times.

With my fitness journey the key thing I have learnt is that it’s not all about grinding yourself down. Training should be focused, with purpose, effective and appropriate for your own situation. Three kids and full time job means sometimes you need to balance and sure training may not be the priority but that’s okay because that’s my choice, but it’s conscious.

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Will is a natural leader and gives you the belief that anything is possible.

He see's the potential in you and your business and makes it come to life.

He has the ability of helping you build a vision you couldn’t see for yourself but also challenge your values and the why behind that vision.


Will’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious and there is no better team than the StayStrong Collective to help you take the steps you need to elevate your performance, standards and results.

I now have the clarity, authenticity and confidence to lead my business from the front. I will continue to work with the StayStrong Collective

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I came to the Stay Strong Collective as a professional in the equestrian industry who had a vision for a product that I wanted to bring to the market, but I had no real idea how to make this happen. I have know Will for many years and he knows my industry (which not many people do), and thought the Stay Strong Collective aligned very much with my values and beliefs. 

There are no quick fixes, shortcuts or messing around, just simple and sound advice and an outstanding mentor. 

Will is very empathetic when you need it and also massively inspiring. 

Even after a very short amount of time working with Will I launched my business and increased sales by 100%. I now have the belief that I can prove myself right and do what I can/need to do within my business. 

He is very approachable, no question is ever too silly or a bother. I always feel like he has time (and makes time) for me and never rushes through our calls. 

The only regret I have is not reaching out sooner, because I would be even further along in my journey than I already am. 

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Before working with the Stay Strong Collective I felt very lost with the direction I wanted to go in and what my future was going to look like. I had an idea of the kind of people I wanted to work with and the kind of product I wanted to have but I didn't have the clarity or vision to get there. 

Since working with Will, we went back to the beginning and looked at my business as a whole, what I represented and how I wanted to speak to my clients. 

Even in a short space of time working through this I had a lot more enquiries and my business has had its best month in more than a year and a half. 

I feel alot more confident in myself and have a much clearer vision for the future. 

Will's energy is infection and has allowed me to begin to put things in play to achieve the goals I want. 

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Biggest game changers  for me whilst working with the Stay Strong Collective is that I have clarity in what I'm doing. The vision, the mission statement, my values all align. Now I have these written down, when I'm having a meltdown kind of moment, I can go back to these to remind myself of why I am doing what I am doing... and that it's working!

Will not only understands the fitness industry but also me as a person. I didn't resonate with the 'do less, earn more, sit on a beach and watch the money come in' and Will understood that about me from the start. Not only by listening to me, but also by backing it up with questionnaires and thought provoking questioning.

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A huge reason I sought out the Stay Strong Collective is because my business was struggling. I've been doing this for about 10 years and needed someone to give me kick up the ass, give me some structure and make me finally understand how to run a business properly and effectively. 

I was lacking self confidence and self worth and one of the big things Will has done for me I to allow me to build myself back up and realise my own value and also the value I give to my clients. 

The way he delivers his courses and modules are amazing.I really connect with each one and always come away from our call buzzing and ready to attack the next steps in my coaching business and every call I learn something new. 

I honestly can't thank Will enough and can't recommend him enough. To any coach who needs that little push in the right direction and a boost in their confidence with their business or job, he is the man for you !

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Will and I have been working together for many year now, he has been a key pillar and constant with elevating my game as a coach and as an athlete. 

In the last year when it has come to developing my online business, I hired Will as a mentor because I was feeling lot and he has experience in b building a successful online business. He gave me direction to my purpose, structure and called me out of habits that weren’t helping my business grow. He has been guiding me through our calls to keep elevating my business and take it to the next level.

I’m a big believer in growth, education and again I know I only want the best in my corner to help me achieve for of the greatness for the ladies that I work with.

With training he gives me the structure I need and I discovered next level strengths and skills to help transform my coaching for my clients. 

Working with will has and alway will be a game changer, and no better friend/coach and mentor to have in my corner. 

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I've worked with the Stay Strong Collective in both a coaching and consulting capacity.

Having Will in my corner was a game changer. Will knows me very well and knows what I can/can't do in the gym, due to previous injuries.

He has always been good at the mindset coaching and feel this gave me an edge going into BJJ competition. He made me feel that I shouldn't be just going into competition to just take part, but to compete and try and win against the odds, and I feel this has rolled over into my business .


I would highly recommend getting coached by Will as he is literally there to push you to new heights you never thought possible. He is a straight shooter and is very genuine in the sense you know he wants to see you succeed at whatever goal you are working towards. He is definitely the man that can get you there.

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