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The Stay Strong Collective is a High Performance consulting service for high achievers and business owners who want to be educated on how to balance human optimisation and peak performance.

Now that high performance is a desired outcome on a daily basis for driven individuals, we provide direction, accountability and conviction for those looking to evolve and elevate their performance to the next level.

In a nutshell,



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What help do you need from us?



Consulting is where we take a deep dive into your current operations and systems, to level up your current performance. This includes:

  •  Discovering your personal mission and how to leverage it.

  • Developing clarity of actions needed to lead and systemise your current performance.

  •  Building confidence in your ability to show up and deliver.

  • Develop authority in your work place or chosen field.

  •  Be held accountable to become what you said you would.



High performance coaching is a principle driven process designed to meet you where you are physically and mentally to take you to the next level. This includes:

  • 1-1 Bespoke fitness coaching designed with the outcome in mind.

  • Personalised performance driven nutrition intervention.

  • High Impact lifestyle assessment and action plan.

  • Full access to the Stay Strong Academy and education platform.

  • Personal coaching space for you journey.

  • Weekly check in.

  • Monthly Game plan call.



Whether you are a gym who needs some direction and structure or a business who needs your employees to find the next gear, i offer a service similar to my personalised consulting to help individuals reach their full potential. 

This includes: 

  • The choice of in person or virtual event.

  • Fully personalised presentation to fit your/your employees need.

  • Workbooks with real actionable steps aimed to enhance your business. 

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Are we the right fit for you?

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  • Willing the put in the work and take responsibility.

  • Willing to confront your weaknesses an use your strengths to your advantage.

  • Willing to learn, but more importantly action the steps needed to progress.

  • prepared to be held accountable towards your actions with the team.

  • Ready to unlock your potential and follow the process. 

If you are...

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  • Expecting others to do the work for you.

  • Not ready to accept where you are right now.

  • Unwilling to learn and engage in the community.

  • Walking into this thinking it will be a quick fix.

  • Making excuses over solutions.

If you are...

Then we may not be the
place for you.


I lacked sustainability and routine in both my lifestyle and training approach whilst letting business run over

them all.


Working with Will it becomes an infectious state of mind to be accountable for yourself and what surrounds you.

In terms of training the correlation between both Strength & Conditioning and without it I wouldn't have got to the Ironman World Champs in Utah 

The reason I decided on coaching was to get some help and knowledge.

I had been training and working out for a while and was stuck in a vicious circle, I’d lose weight and then burn out and then end up putting it back on again!

With Will, I lost 17kg of body fat and became more athletic for BJJ and it stayed off.

Will is a natural leader and gives you the belief that anything is possible. He sees the potential in you and your business and makes it come to life.

He has the ability of helping you build a vision you couldn’t see for yourself but also challenge your values and the why behind that vision.

Will’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious and there is no better team than the StayStrong Collective to help you take the steps you 3need to elevate your performance, standards and results.

I now have the clarity, authenticity and confidence to lead my business from the front. I will continue to work with the StayStrong Collective.

The biggest game changer for me whilst working with the Stay Strong Collective is that I have clarity in what I'm doing. The vision, the mission statement and my values all align. Now I have these written down, when I'm having a meltdown kind of moment, I can go back to these to remind myself of why I am doing what I am doing... and that it's working!

Will not only understands the fitness industry but also me as a person. I didn't resonate with the 'do less, earn more, sit on a beach and watch the money come in' and Will understood that about me from the start.

With Will, I discovered next level strengths, learned new skills Which helped Transform my coaching for my clients


As a coach myself it’s amazing to have someone like Will to mentor me, coach me, challenge me but also knows me. We’ve been a partnership for the last 4 years and he’s been a game changer as a friend, coach and mentor!

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